About Us


An affiliate of MAMAA (Malaysian Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Association), a premier institution recognized the world over, Aloha India sets the parameters in Mental Arithmetic Training. Within a decade since its inception, the organization has spread out to a broad spectrum of 20 countries that include China, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Oman, Egypt, Spain, Nigeria, Bangladesh, USA and Mexico, where it enjoys a formidable presence. Today, Aloha India has evolved into an ISO 9001:2000 company, the first ever Indian company in the field of Abacus Education to have won this distinction.

What’s more, Aloha is a noted affiliate of Zhejiang Abacus, a distinguished agency for computing techniques, headquartered in Hong-shou, China .

Today, as a vibrant organization, Aloha India stands for a mission committed to creating a new generation mentally equipped for challenges in a competitive environment.

It has been elevating the faculties of over 5 million students worldwide and 5500 centers across India

Steered by a leadership with vision, Aloha India has set new benchmarks for the industry and is increasingly becoming popular across India.