Tiny Tots

Tiny Tots

Tiny Tots – Junior Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Program

Nothing succeeds like success.

To achieve success, your kids need special skills and they need to start early. They have to learn rapidly and happily so that they are winners at every stage of their development.

This is where ‘Aloha Tiny Tots’ comes in. An integrated program developed specially for kids in the 4 to 6 age span, Tiny Tots is backed by a sound concept that is proved to be successful in various countries worldwide.

Tiny tots moulds and motivates tender minds by developing a framework to impart effective learning techniques and to initiate them into the exciting world of numbers and letters.

Interestingly, the children comprehend what they learn and develop with amazing abilities to retain and recall at will.

Aloha Tiny Tots: Benefits at a glance

An ideal learning tool for Kindergarden children to identify texts & numbers, and handle simple arithmetic calculations.

  • Enriches their brainpower by using it in their early years.
  • Imparts high moral values to kids through stories and colourfully illustrated texts.
  • Uses a specially designed abacus for easy use.
  • Uses enough teaching tools and accessories to make classroom sessions most lively.
  • Develops ability to handle multiple-digits with confidence using the abacus or the regular school method.
  • Creates a natural liking for arithmetic in kids.
  • Improves concentration skills for a more focused learning.
  • Kindles creative thinking and ability to use the left and right side of brain.
  • Based on a global concept but tailor-made for Indian kids.
  • Provides option of learning at regular school as a part of school curriculum.
  • Course material and teaching accessories developed by Aloha research team.
  • Provision for providing training to school teachers on concept, teaching methods and principles of child psychology.
  • Well Trained Teachers.
  • Small Batches for individual attention.

Course structure

  • Course consists of 10 levels, each with a 3- month duration
  • 1 class per week of 2 hours duration each
  • Performance evaluation is carried out at the end of each level.
    Certificates are given after successful completion of
    • 2nd level as BASICS IN TINY TOTS
    • 4th level as GRADUATES IN TINY TOTS
    • 7th level as MASTERS IN TINY TOTS
    • 10th level as GRAND MASTERS IN TINY TOTS